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Our adoption rate for healthy puppies is 100%! That's because we send most of our puppies to no-kill shelters up north where people wait in line for a chance to adopt a shelter pup. We send out approximately 100 puppies per month and rarely do we recover our costs for getting them ready to go.

If you choose to sponsor a puppy for transport, your donation will cover the veterinary costs we incur preparing the puppies to be relocated: first vaccination, kennel cough vaccine, 5 day de-worming, flea and tick prevention, and, for all puppies over 12 weeks old, a rabies vaccination. Our estimated cost? $20 per puppy

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Our animal shelter is funded entirely by donations. You can choose to make a general donation for shelter operations costs, sponsor a dog or cat to go on transport, or sponsor our transport costs. All donations are Tax Exempt and are used 100% to operate the shelter1

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Sunday, February 15 at 5:30

​First Avenue Hall, New Tazewell

Call: 423-626-2686 for information